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Reading with Kids and Bonding

Reading with your children is one of the most important activities you should be doing as a parent. Think about your own childhood memories. We all have fond memories of listening to bedtime stories or reading time during school. There are so many benefits that come with reading to your child. Reading helps children further develop their language skills and cognitive function. And most importantly, it creates a bond with your child. You are providing them with an opportunity for physical and emotional connection.

Reading together creates a close, intimate environment that enables you to have a bonding experience with your child. As you read, you are giving them your full attention. During the day, we can get caught up with our to-do list, which causes us to forget to stop and enjoy precious time with our loved ones. Being present with your child helps them emotionally connect to you.

You have the opportunity to learn new things about your child as well. For instance, as you are reading a story, you get to see their reaction to the events of the book, which could present new stimuli, such as new environments, objects, or challenges. Your child is able to share their thoughts and feelings with you in an environment that is open and trusting, which provides the child with more security, and they’ll be more inclined to open up to you in the future. This helps their emotional development because sharing these feelings together helps the child unpack new and complicated emotions.

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