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War at the Ice Cream Store

(9 customer reviews)

Action, laughter, and silly puns… this ice cream epic has it all!

In the Frozen Frogg Ice Cream Shop, Bully Vanilli is the most popular ice cream and self-proclaimed king of the flavors. Lonely Mustachio Pistachio sits at the back of the freezer. No one ever picks him!

Every night, after the store door is locked, Bully Vanilli begins his bullying and Mustachio is his favorite target. One night Bully kicks Mustachio’s bucket. Poor Mustachio falls SPLAT on the floor and it’s… War at the Ice Cream Store!

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Available in Hardcover, Paper Back & Kindle

Parents are raving about this hilarious, Readers’ Favorite 5-Star-rated delight!

You’re going to love this story about how Mustachio Pistachio and his “flavorite” friends teach Bully Vanilli a lesson in kindness and acceptance.

Awards and actual book reviews

A grand selection for storytime.
Readers’ Favorite (5 stars)

Among the best in family-friendly media.
Mom’s Choice (Gold award)

9 reviews for War at the Ice Cream Store

  1. Robert V.Robert V.

    Do you love reading bedtime stories to your children and/or grandchildren? I do, and I must say that I just love this book. It takes me back to some of the “old cartoon” days with humor for both adults and children to understand…however differently if you know what I mean. The story teaches a valuable lesson in bullying, and shows how being kind and understanding are always the path to follow. There is a video story online that you can also watch, and it is fun and interactive. And the songs are magical…My grandkids love it. This book should be in every kindergarten class. I believe it also has received a Five Star rating from the Mom’s Choice Awards, Honoring Excellence.After all, who doesn’t love ice cream and Froggs? War at the Ice Cream Store is a gem. We cannot wait for their next book. Happy reading

  2. Anna C

    Love it!

  3. Andy Ward

    This book teaches kids and adults about the importance of standing up to bullies and how when people or ice cream support each other justice will prevail. And who doesn’t love ice cream?

  4. Becky B

    This is a 8 year old ;-; and I love the jokes and I love the m&Ms rap. I love all flavors well, almost

  5. Rose Hutton

    It’s a great book. I recommend it for young readers.My grandson says he like the book. He recommends the book to his friends.

  6. Angela

    War at the Ice Cream Store Offers Great Messages to Young Readers. The authors use talking ice cream and sundae/dessert toppings and ingredients to present some serious messages about bullying–and empathy. As the various ice cream store “residents” endure long-term bullying from Bully Vanilli–they realize that they are stronger together in dealing with his abusive tactics. War at the Ice Cream Store is a fun book that uses unique characters and a fantasy setting to help children understand and learn to cope with some real-world issues.War at the Ice Cream Store Serves Up Fun Word Play and Illustrations. It is difficult for even adults to hold back smiles at some of the “punny” wordplays at play in the book. From the character names to the dialogue and action scenes–the authors bring a lot to each page. The illustrations fit each character perfectly–and fill the pages with interest for young readers.Would I Recommend War at the Ice Cream Store? This story is a unique way to open the door to discuss bullying with children. As the characters stand up to their bully–it is the perfect introduction to real-world, classroom/playground bullies and coping methods. I love children’s books that are also fun for grown-ups to read! I would recommend it to families with younger elementary-aged students–or for classroom or community storytimes. I look forward to sharing more from this series as it grows!I received a copy of this book from the author or publisher for use in a blog review. All opinions are my own.

  7. StephM

    I loved reading this to my PreK students. We were very entertained by the names and the storyline. I liked the moral behind the story as well. Definitely a must read and add to cart!

  8. Debbie

    Great message. Interesting dialogue and cute pictures

  9. Cal

    Another great message, but the overwhelming greatness was when the War really started and grew for a few pages. The originality of the names and the puns was brilliant. You can tell that a lot of creative inspiration pushed it through. General Custard was my fave. I felt myself grinning like a child and, more importantly, felt myself in a way wanting to read and share it with some sweet innocent impressionable child ready for bed. Would be a fantastic way to ready that child for some sweet dreams. This book is professional grade.

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If you like ice cream, you're
going to love this super-fun,
action packed story!

War At The Ice Cream Shop

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If you like ice cream, you're going to love this super-fun, action packed story

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War At The Ice Cream Shop
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